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Was it just a dream?

August 21, 2016

Ok so I wrote this one back in July 2012 I was writing a lot of stuff back then enjoy!


As  we grind sweaty

Naked between the sheets

Like two wild animals

Two strangers as our hearts beats

Time and space

Has left this place

As we feed off each

Other energy face to face

The stress and fights

Are now a thing of the past

With each stroke our

Memory of hate wash fast

And we as one

Reach our peak

Neither one of us can

A word, a phrase speak

As we lay there sweaty

Drained to the core

Each of us secretly crying

Yearning, begging for more…

As the alarm clock blare

And we wake up face to face stared

Thinking did that really happened

Or was that a euphoric dream shared

But as we lay there

smiling sweat running down our face

we each knew we took the other

to that beautiful sacred place!!!


By: Wynfred Banner


I’m just a loud mouth brother with something to say!… Are you willing to listen


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