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Reason’s the family unit is broken today!

August 21, 2016

Today’s society have ruined the frame work that was put into place that was called family.  The morals and values of yesteryear have been all but completely thrown out the window, between parents, who don’t want to be parents or don’t want to come together and co-parent, to children who have all been practically given the keys to freedom to do what they want… here is how the break down happened:

(youth pregnancy) with more and more CHILDREN having sex at a earlier age young pregnancy cases have risen.  Young girls who are 15 who are getting pregnant at such an early age it’s crazy and the Boys who got them pregnant are about the same age, so you have two kids who don’t even know how to take care of themselves never the less a baby now rely on the parent’s to be sub-co-parents.

(Generation Gap’s) OK so when I was young a grandparent were about 50’s-60’s years old and parents was about 30’s-40’s but now GREAT grandparents are 50’s-60’s and grandparents 30’s-40’s and the PARENTS are now 15-18 you see the great jump in the generation gap.  The problem is there is not enough time to pass down the knowledge and wisdom that age gives you to the next generation so that they might be prepared for the hoops and hurdles of their time.

(Drugs) play a big destruction of the family unit as we knew it drugs, they are breaking families up at a rapid pace I mean some parent’s can not function with the day to day struggle of being a parent they turn to drugs to relax and those same drugs cost them their marriage their kids and possibly their LIFE.  Children are getting hooked on drugs and rebelling against their parents causing stress in the household an pitting parent against parent on what to do about this strung out child.

(Lack of Church) I remember when families went to church TOGETHER church was the backbone of the community and especially the FAMILY, religion/ faith was the glue that held families together and when families started to drift apart they wasn’t as active as they use to be.

(The Government) now this one here as got to be the top reason of the family break down.  The Government at time’s over reach their hand over into the American people’s homes and try to regulate how a family SHOULD be run meaning they set up parameter’s that are suppose to detect if a child is being abused yet they break up good homes because a parent disciplines their child in a way the Government feels it’s wrong but if they look at the statistics from back in the day when parent’s were allowed to be parents the crime rate was lower, the pregnancy rate was lower, and the children had respect for people in authority but now they are sitting in their offices and scratching their heads say “What went wrong?’ well even GOD put forth parameter’s  and sat back ant let us work out our issues without getting to involved (not saying GOD is not involved he has his hands on everything,.just saying he tends to let things happen for the betterment of you)

(Over worked & underpaid) well most families need two or more incomes just to survive nowadays so either one or both parent’s are gone from the home most of the time and what happens children are going to act out why no parental supervision and this is not done intentionally it’s just when a job tells you to have to be in on these days and at thses times you have to do what you have to do to pay the bills but eve that becomes a bit much wen you are barely able to pay all your bills and you have to go out and find another job  along with trying to be a good parent and provider.

Now these are just a few of some of the reasons why things are as screwed up for the modern family and some of this may seem a bit jumbled and  out of sorts but you get where I’m going todays family is kind of doomed with all these factors  so that is whay that old say is true today it takes a village to raise a child or in our terms a neighborhood tto come together and help families become whole again stop putting families down and help them get up!

I’m just a loud mouth brotha with a lot to say!… are you willing to listen?

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