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I’m not trying to offend

August 21, 2016

this one I wrote I was irritated by this dude I use to work with awhile ago and I sat down and wrote this one just for him.


Now I don’t know you

And I’m not trying to offend

But you could do with a wash

And some deodorant my friend


I have sit in silence and kept

It in way to long

But the smells off you are just

To funky to strong


We have made remarks

we have dropped you hints

we have went as far

as giving you mints


but to our dismay

you seem to not care

and we had hoped you

wouldn’t take us there


when you walk into the room

our stomachs get upset

and we whisper and murmur

“haven’t washed yet!”


your hair is unwashed

your face is crusty

and your clothes are dirty

and your @$$ is musty


at first I was beating around the bush

and  was not trying to offend

but we really would appreciate it

if you wash yo @$$ my friend!!!


If you know someone

Who fits this poem

Tape this to a bar of soap

To them this much you owe them!!!


By Wynfred B. Banner


I’m just a loud mouth brotha with something to say!… are you willing to listen?




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