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She is My Queen

August 14, 2016
real talk fellas!… take heed that when you have a woman and I not talking about some broad I mean a real good WOMAN who is about her busness and not about all that bull in the street’s  and she loves you so much that she has given you “permisson” to rule her kingdom “with” not for her. A women don’t want a tyrant that comes into her life and f**k it up!…they want a king who knows how to protect and love his people and rules with a just and fair hand and as such she wishes to be treated like a queen to be loved, protected and adored no matter her finacial, physical or emotional status because if you f**k her kingdom up the next man understands a apreciate a good woman will come in and dethrone your ass so my departing words to you is…. don’t f**k it up!!!

because all she want to hear is plain sweet and simple…I LOVE YOU!!!

She may not be a model

She may not hold a Degree

But in my heart, in my mind

She will always be my queen


When life gets rough

And seem so full of sorrow

She uplifts me, and reminds me

It will be better tomorrow


To you she may not seem like much

She may seem very plain

But to me she is my flower

That sits beautifully, patently through the rain


When the world seems so cold

And everyone has turned on me

She has my back and I have her’s

That’s the way it should be


I may not look the best

I may not be able to afford a ring

She looks past all of that, my god!!!

And still treats me like her king


so with joy in my spirit, in my soul

I will say, no I will shout!!!

She is my queen… no others

This without a doubt!!!


So fella’s I implore you

Don’t mess-up you good thing

Because a man, real man cannot

Rule his kingdom without the love of his Queen!!!


By: wynfred B. Banner

I’m just a Loud mouth brotha with a lot to say!…Are you willing to listen?


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