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A Poor Person’s Prayer

August 14, 2016
I am not a saint in no way but I do believe in prayer and that it helps in life I was sitting on day and this came to me and I had to write it down I hope you enjoy and it gives you some hope in life.

Lord I come to you

To ask for a winning

To bless my home

To start a new beginning


it seem that all I’ve

Done have gone all but to hell

And in this sad life of mines

I have seem to fail


My rent is due, my gas is off

My lights have not been paid

The tax man hounds me night & Day

Please hold off the collectors I’ve prayed


My children are running wild

My spouse don’t want to act right

And to add to all this drama

My family argues day and night


I know it’s a sin to come to you

And ask for selfish stuff

But I’m tired of begging and barrowing

My GOD this life is too tough


So on bended knee with open heart

To the thrown I come in prayer

To fix my life and get me right

And leave to you my worries and care!


By: Wynfred B. Banner

I’m just a loud mouth Brotha with a lot to say!… are you willing to Listen?


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