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Relationship 101

August 13, 2016

Well first off let me just say a relationship is a bond that you have with your significant other not a thing to take lightly.  We in this society have treated relationships like a one night stand.   We tend to not want to put forth the effort to make it work, we want instant gratification and that’s not the sum of a relationship so I’m going to give you a few tips on how to get and keep a good relationship.

1) Never let your family interfere or meddle in Your relationship – I say this because family 9 times out of 10 are biased and they are only going to see the problems in a relationship not the potential.

2) never take advice from a friend who is not in a relationship or just left a bad relationship- you ever heard that old expression (misery loves company) well it’s true they are not happy so why should you be.

3) find time for each other and stick to it – yes this is a hard one especially between work, kids and other obligations but you treat your relationship like a job you have to work at it to see it flourish.  Just pick one or two days or nights a week and make them You’re time turn off your phones if possible and just enjoy being in the now with one another.

4) arguments will happen or rather disagreements will be a learning experience – as two adults you sit down by yourselves and you calmly express your grivances and while one talks the other should do nothing but listen because you just might get to the root of the problem if you just listen.

5) do not 100% rely on the other- my point is you are a grown person stand on your own two feet not saying if you need help not to ask for it but don’t treat that other person as a personal ATM or full time maid but it should be 50/50  if you go out one should pay for the meal the other for the movie tickets that way both are contributing and neither feel as though everytime you go out its gointhem always drain thier pockets

And last but not least…

6) treat each one like royalty and and keep God in your relationship- treat each other like you are sacred at and never leave God out of you relationship because he is the glue that will keep you both throughout the good times and bad.
I’m just a loud mouth brother with something to say!… Are you willing to listen!

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