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I’m not trying to offend

this one I wrote I was irritated by this dude I use to work with awhile ago and I sat down and wrote this one just for him.


Now I don’t know you

And I’m not trying to offend

But you could do with a wash

And some deodorant my friend


I have sit in silence and kept

It in way to long

But the smells off you are just

To funky to strong


We have made remarks

we have dropped you hints

we have went as far

as giving you mints


but to our dismay

you seem to not care

and we had hoped you

wouldn’t take us there


when you walk into the room

our stomachs get upset

and we whisper and murmur

“haven’t washed yet!”


your hair is unwashed

your face is crusty

and your clothes are dirty

and your @$$ is musty


at first I was beating around the bush

and  was not trying to offend

but we really would appreciate it

if you wash yo @$$ my friend!!!


If you know someone

Who fits this poem

Tape this to a bar of soap

To them this much you owe them!!!


By Wynfred B. Banner


I’m just a loud mouth brotha with something to say!… are you willing to listen?




Was it just a dream?

Ok so I wrote this one back in July 2012 I was writing a lot of stuff back then enjoy!


As  we grind sweaty

Naked between the sheets

Like two wild animals

Two strangers as our hearts beats

Time and space

Has left this place

As we feed off each

Other energy face to face

The stress and fights

Are now a thing of the past

With each stroke our

Memory of hate wash fast

And we as one

Reach our peak

Neither one of us can

A word, a phrase speak

As we lay there sweaty

Drained to the core

Each of us secretly crying

Yearning, begging for more…

As the alarm clock blare

And we wake up face to face stared

Thinking did that really happened

Or was that a euphoric dream shared

But as we lay there

smiling sweat running down our face

we each knew we took the other

to that beautiful sacred place!!!


By: Wynfred Banner


I’m just a loud mouth brother with something to say!… Are you willing to listen

Reason’s the family unit is broken today!

Today’s society have ruined the frame work that was put into place that was called family.  The morals and values of yesteryear have been all but completely thrown out the window, between parents, who don’t want to be parents or don’t want to come together and co-parent, to children who have all been practically given the keys to freedom to do what they want… here is how the break down happened:

(youth pregnancy) with more and more CHILDREN having sex at a earlier age young pregnancy cases have risen.  Young girls who are 15 who are getting pregnant at such an early age it’s crazy and the Boys who got them pregnant are about the same age, so you have two kids who don’t even know how to take care of themselves never the less a baby now rely on the parent’s to be sub-co-parents.

(Generation Gap’s) OK so when I was young a grandparent were about 50’s-60’s years old and parents was about 30’s-40’s but now GREAT grandparents are 50’s-60’s and grandparents 30’s-40’s and the PARENTS are now 15-18 you see the great jump in the generation gap.  The problem is there is not enough time to pass down the knowledge and wisdom that age gives you to the next generation so that they might be prepared for the hoops and hurdles of their time.

(Drugs) play a big destruction of the family unit as we knew it drugs, they are breaking families up at a rapid pace I mean some parent’s can not function with the day to day struggle of being a parent they turn to drugs to relax and those same drugs cost them their marriage their kids and possibly their LIFE.  Children are getting hooked on drugs and rebelling against their parents causing stress in the household an pitting parent against parent on what to do about this strung out child.

(Lack of Church) I remember when families went to church TOGETHER church was the backbone of the community and especially the FAMILY, religion/ faith was the glue that held families together and when families started to drift apart they wasn’t as active as they use to be.

(The Government) now this one here as got to be the top reason of the family break down.  The Government at time’s over reach their hand over into the American people’s homes and try to regulate how a family SHOULD be run meaning they set up parameter’s that are suppose to detect if a child is being abused yet they break up good homes because a parent disciplines their child in a way the Government feels it’s wrong but if they look at the statistics from back in the day when parent’s were allowed to be parents the crime rate was lower, the pregnancy rate was lower, and the children had respect for people in authority but now they are sitting in their offices and scratching their heads say “What went wrong?’ well even GOD put forth parameter’s  and sat back ant let us work out our issues without getting to involved (not saying GOD is not involved he has his hands on everything,.just saying he tends to let things happen for the betterment of you)

(Over worked & underpaid) well most families need two or more incomes just to survive nowadays so either one or both parent’s are gone from the home most of the time and what happens children are going to act out why no parental supervision and this is not done intentionally it’s just when a job tells you to have to be in on these days and at thses times you have to do what you have to do to pay the bills but eve that becomes a bit much wen you are barely able to pay all your bills and you have to go out and find another job  along with trying to be a good parent and provider.

Now these are just a few of some of the reasons why things are as screwed up for the modern family and some of this may seem a bit jumbled and  out of sorts but you get where I’m going todays family is kind of doomed with all these factors  so that is whay that old say is true today it takes a village to raise a child or in our terms a neighborhood tto come together and help families become whole again stop putting families down and help them get up!

I’m just a loud mouth brotha with a lot to say!… are you willing to listen?

There are levels to this!

Ok so there are a few people who don’t know about the levels to this thing we call life and all it’s nuances you can tell where you stand based on what title a person places on you for example:


  • Wife (Top Level) – you have made it!  you are for better use of word the top Hoe you get all the perks of the latter and the house, car and half his s**t if he f**kup!
  • Wifey (Fourth Level) – you are better off than the Baby Mama Statue but not as Good as the Wife!… you get all the perks of wife with out the ring and certificate.
  • Baby Mama (Third Level) – you are better off than Side chick  but not quite up there with Wifey you gave this man children so you (Should have) earned respect from him and some help from time to time!… but now don’t hold them children over his head like they are pawns to get what you want…That’s not cool!
  • Side Chick (Second Level) – you have not given him children, a stable home or  at least Clean draws  when Valentines Day come the 3 levels above you will get Flowers, candy, jewelry!… you will get a Card and a $4.99 box of chocolate (but wait a moment at this level you are a free agent so you can always choose whether to stay in this category or to level up) and you are on HIS schedule.
  • F**k Buddy (First Level) now at this level it is beneficial to you and him (hopefully neither of you are attached) all the other levels out rank you at this level… But there is no strings attached no feelings involved your goal is just to get yours


  • Husband (Top Level) – Ironically a high number of men are not really interested in this category but fella’s there are perks with this level!… you are at the top of the heap meaning she will love you and take care of you (because your no good to her dead) and she will make you a great home fill with love.
  • Hubby – (Fourth Level) now at this level you have not quite got to husband status but at least your not at Baby Daddy status you get all the perks of husband with out the ring and certificate and like the Husband she will make sure you have clean draws because you rep her and she isn’t having no dirty dude
  • Baby Daddy (third Level) – now on this level you are better than Side Dude but not as good as Hubby… you are the father of her kids respect that and keep it moving. This woman the carried your seed for 9 months and brought you your child …the light of your life respect that woman she almost died Bering YOUR child!
  • Side Dude (Second Level) – as the side dude you are just that!… the side dude! meaning the main dude get the perks but at this level you are short when holidays like father day and Valentines Day come you just might get a hug or a kiss on the cheek but she’s like Cinderella she got to get back and give up that good, good before 9:00PM or the last three levels will get suspicious (but at this level technically you are not financially obligated to her although if you don’t give it up she might find the next Side Dude!)
  • F**k Buddy (First Level) now at this level it is beneficial to you and him (hopefully neither of you are attached) all the other levels out rank you at this level… But there is no strings attached no feelings involved your goal is just to get yours


So for those who did not know these are just the basic levels now there are sub-levels with these but these are just the basic…I hope I have cleared up where you might stand in your relationship if this help pass it around and again…


I’m just a loud moth brotha with a lot to say!…are you willing to listen?

The Bank of YOU!

I’m not talking about Banking as in dollars and cents, but as in what is being invested and taken out of You.  When you hear bank you think of a place that holds your money or where you go to conduct financial transactions. And you are correct but I’m speaking in terms of YOU the bank of YOU that is…  In this life you have to treat yourself as a bank what and who you bring into your life will either increase or deplete  the bank of you.  Now what do you mean Wynfred you might ask well let’s break down 4 basic terms I am going to cover:

Asset: a useful or valuable thing, person or quality.

Liability: a pcover or thing who presence or behavior is likely to cause embarrassment or put one at a disadvantage.

Risk: a situation involving exposure to danger.

Investments:the action or process of investing money for profit or material result.

Now these are the definition of key words you should always keep in the back of your mind as you go about your daily lSecond

First is “asset” now everybody you come in contact with is a potential asset, meaning they put into your life that could be emotionally, spiritually, financially or other… These people you want to keep!  They enrich your life!

Second is “Liability” now again most everybody you meet is a potential liability  meaning they take away from your life as in emotionally draining or financially dependent on you or just plain subtract from your life… These people you try and avoid if it is possible!

Third is “Risk” now this one is tricky because these people seem like a liability but can turn out to be a great asset meaning they can come into you life needing or wantior all the time but just when you least expect it they provide or help you when you are in a pinch these folk you have to take on a case by case approach because some will pan out and some will not be worth dealing with.

Fourth but not last “Investments” be mindful of who and what you invest your time in because when it’s all said and done you get out what you put in …example your children are investments meaning you pay for there food room and board and one-day when they grow up they will take care of you that’s a positive investment!… A bad investment is when you go out and date someone put all you time effort and resources on the line only to find out they ably wanted you because of what you can do and not for who you are.

Now I have to say this don’t you think for a second that someone is  not looking at you in the same way so try and be a asset  and not a liability!

I’m just a loud mouth brotha with a lot to say!… Are you willing to listen!     

She is My Queen

real talk fellas!… take heed that when you have a woman and I not talking about some broad I mean a real good WOMAN who is about her busness and not about all that bull in the street’s  and she loves you so much that she has given you “permisson” to rule her kingdom “with” not for her. A women don’t want a tyrant that comes into her life and f**k it up!…they want a king who knows how to protect and love his people and rules with a just and fair hand and as such she wishes to be treated like a queen to be loved, protected and adored no matter her finacial, physical or emotional status because if you f**k her kingdom up the next man understands a apreciate a good woman will come in and dethrone your ass so my departing words to you is…. don’t f**k it up!!!

because all she want to hear is plain sweet and simple…I LOVE YOU!!!

She may not be a model

She may not hold a Degree

But in my heart, in my mind

She will always be my queen


When life gets rough

And seem so full of sorrow

She uplifts me, and reminds me

It will be better tomorrow


To you she may not seem like much

She may seem very plain

But to me she is my flower

That sits beautifully, patently through the rain


When the world seems so cold

And everyone has turned on me

She has my back and I have her’s

That’s the way it should be


I may not look the best

I may not be able to afford a ring

She looks past all of that, my god!!!

And still treats me like her king


so with joy in my spirit, in my soul

I will say, no I will shout!!!

She is my queen… no others

This without a doubt!!!


So fella’s I implore you

Don’t mess-up you good thing

Because a man, real man cannot

Rule his kingdom without the love of his Queen!!!


By: wynfred B. Banner

I’m just a Loud mouth brotha with a lot to say!…Are you willing to listen?

A Poor Person’s Prayer

I am not a saint in no way but I do believe in prayer and that it helps in life I was sitting on day and this came to me and I had to write it down I hope you enjoy and it gives you some hope in life.

Lord I come to you

To ask for a winning

To bless my home

To start a new beginning


it seem that all I’ve

Done have gone all but to hell

And in this sad life of mines

I have seem to fail


My rent is due, my gas is off

My lights have not been paid

The tax man hounds me night & Day

Please hold off the collectors I’ve prayed


My children are running wild

My spouse don’t want to act right

And to add to all this drama

My family argues day and night


I know it’s a sin to come to you

And ask for selfish stuff

But I’m tired of begging and barrowing

My GOD this life is too tough


So on bended knee with open heart

To the thrown I come in prayer

To fix my life and get me right

And leave to you my worries and care!


By: Wynfred B. Banner

I’m just a loud mouth Brotha with a lot to say!… are you willing to Listen?